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Retaining Top IT Contractors in a Competitive Market

Date: Tuesday 12 March 2024
Employers 3 min read
Retaining Top IT Contractors in a Competitive Market

As many employers have already realised, attracting top IT talent is one thing, but keeping them is another. This can be even tricker when it comes to IT contractors, as IT contractors work on a fixed term contract basis. Upon completion of a project, the contractor and company part ways. However, imagine a scenario where a company is really happy with a contractor’s work and has another project on the horizon. They’re hoping the contractor will be just as enthusiastic about sticking around for another contract. This is where the importance of retaining talent comes in. Top IT contractors are just like any other type of employee when it comes to talent retainment. What can make talent want to stay? The answer to that is easy: a good work culture, recognition for a job well done, clear and open communication and a competitive salary or for a contractor, a day rate. So, let’s delve into these items in a little more detail.    

Competitive Day Rates 

As taboo as it may seem to say, for most people the money does matter. Most employees will have financial obligations and therefore need to make a certain amount of money. So therefore, the money or day rate that they are offered will make a difference when contractors are considering taking a contract or renewing.  

A Healthy Work Culture 

The fact of the matter is, whether we like it or not, most of our adult lives is spent working. Therefore, how someone feels at work will make a huge difference as to whether they want to stay. Examples of good work culture is a company that promotes initiatives for their staff’s wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, and corporate social responsibility. According to Indeed, the most likely factors to affect company culture are management attitudes, the companies’ beliefs, and the treatment of staff.  


Recognition of a job well done can go a long way when it comes to retaining top talent. As suggested by Workhuman, if people feel they receive the proper recognition for their work they feel happy and fulfilled and can end up staying longer in their roles. Recognising good talent can also make them feel more motivated and positive about the work they are doing. While also encouraging others around them to work harder to get the same results. Ways of recognising good work can be as simple or extravagant as a company likes. For example, simply ensuring to always congratulate workers on a job well done, creating a platform for peer recognition, or awards for specific targets met.  

Good Company Communication Practices 

As contractors are only in a company for a limited amount of time, it can be difficult sometimes to fully understand or feel like a part of the culture of the company in which they are working. However, this can be combatted against when the company in question has effective communication processes in place. Such as, implementing policies that create two-way communication. So not just management sending communications down or across the company, but also giving all staff the opportunity to communicate up and give their feedback too. This makes all feel they are listened to and increases productivity, creating a sense of satisfaction for all employees, including possible IT Contractors.  

To summarise, to retain top IT contractors in a competitive market, companies can put themselves in a better position by creating good communication pathways and practices in their organisations, by offering competitive day rates, by promoting a healthy work culture and by recognising good work done by their staff (including contracting staff). 

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