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We serve the needs of IT Professionals and Employers. Let Ergo IT Resourcing Make The Introductions.

Helping you navigate today's IT resourcing challenges

As Ireland's leading cloud and IT managed services provider, Ergo excels in matching technolgy to business needs.

Prepared for today. Planning for tomorrow.

Ergo IT Resourcing are proud to be part of Ergo Group, Ireland’s leading cloud and IT managed services provider, who excels in matching technology to business needs. Wherever you are on your business transformation journey, Ergo has the technology, skills and expertise to make you a market leader. A decade ago, we founded Ergo's IT Resourcing to revolutionise recruitment in the tech sector. Our goal was to make talent acquisition cost-effective, hassle-free, and efficient. Our focus remains on streamlining recruitment processes and making it easier for businesses to find the right talent. We are a highly skilled and experienced team dedicated to IT, and that’s what makes Ergo IT Resourcing team unique.

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Our story of Growth in IT

Over the years, we have grown a talent pool of 7,500 loyal IT professionals who trust their career choices to Ergo. We have a very strong success and growth story in both Public & Private sectors, focusing on industries including IT, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Insurance, Assurance, & Pharma. We understand an organisations best asset is it’s people, and our focus is on understanding your IT recruitment needs with each client having a dedicated account manager to work in partnership with you. Candidates use Ergo IT Resourcing to advance their professional development, while world-leading companies come to us to fill their talent gaps, because they both know we understand their requirements and the nuances of what makes an IT professional right for a role. We provide resourcing solutions at every level of your project requirement, from solution architects to support engineers and all roles in between.

Our adaptability

Technology is constantly evolving, with hybrid cloud and AI now dominating strategy planning, and new jobs emerging that didn’t exist a decade ago. Embedded in Ergo IT Resourcing is the need to stay ahead of the curve. The contractors and talent we have on our database are similarly focussed on upskilling and staying relevant to market needs, and ready to join your current or next project.

Our values

Behaviours for Successful & Sustainable Growth


Treating all individuals with dignity, kindness, and understanding. Respect is one of the foundational values that guide our company, and we believe that treating others with respect is not only the right thing to do, but also essential for creating a positive workplace.


We are committed to fostering a culture of inclusion, where diverse perspectives and backgrounds are not only welcomed but celebrated, and where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute to our shared success.


From the way we approach our work to the way we interact with one another and with our customers. We believe that our collective passion, enthusiasm, and drive are not only contagious, but also essential for propelling us forward in the face of challenges and for achieving our goals.


At our company, we embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship, empowering our employees to think creatively, take calculated risks, and challenge the status quo in pursuit of new opportunities for growth and innovation.


"ThinkErgo" is a way of life at Ergo. We believe that a spirit of innovation and a willingness to think outside the box are critical components of success in today's rapidly-evolving business landscape.


By embodying the value of ownership, we create a culture of trust, transparency, and collaboration, where individuals feel empowered to contribute their best work and take ownership of their professional development and growth.

Meet our team

Being an IT consultancy firm enables our recruiters to meet and technically assess our candidates face-to-face to learn about their background, skillsets, experience, and most importantly, to see if they are the best fit for your work environment.

Talk to our IT Recruitment experts
    • Derek Kehoe

      Managing Director
    • Wes O’Brien

      Senior Technical Recruiter
    • Levina White

      Resourcing Director
    • Peter Geoghegan

      Senior Technical Recruiter
    • Patrick Gibney

      Senior Technical Recruiter
    • Maurice White

      Resourcing Relationship Manager
    • Audrey McDonnell

      Relationship Manager
    • Turlough O'Kane

      Senior Technical Recruiter
    • Janaina Constantino

      Junior Technical Recruiter
    • Helen Brazil

      Recruitment Administrator
    • John O'Shea

      John O'Shea

      Relationship Manager
    • Emily Keegan

      Relationship Manager

    Our Partners

    Tourism Ireland
    • Transform With Talent

      A pool of permanent and contract IT specialists

      The Ergo team along with one of their specialist consultants, have worked with United Drug to take disparate legacy services and deliver an attractive and easy-to-use web B2B portal. The new portal is more secure with built-in scalability to handle increasing workload demand while also maintaining reliable performance.

      Leonora Kinsella Operations & Retail Manager at United Drug

      Our Awards

      Life at Ergo

      Working with Ergo is brilliant. Ergo has an excellent and professional team that provides you with support and advice when needed. You know that you are never on your own when on a customer site.

      Senior Project Manager