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When a project or programme of work demands skills you haven’t got, fill the gap with Ergo IT Resourcing

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In the fast-changing world of IT, it’s impossible to be up to speed with all the skills needed to deliver on technology projects that impact on everything from customer engagement to regulatory compliance. The problem is that proven experts are hard to recruit and wrong hires risk setting the business back. With our wide range of subject matter experts, Ergo has you covered, whether it’s for a one-off implementation or a large-scale transformation project. Use cases vary, but the quality of our professional consultants stays the same, they’re always among the best in the business:

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Contract top IT talent to devise and implement a strategic roadmap that’s aligned to business goals

IT Project Manager

An experienced senior IT executive, our consultant is a specialist in project and change management, in running a high performing IT function closely aligned with the business it serves. He always thinks strategically about aligning IT with the bigger business picture, and has a proven track record in delivering multiple projects on time and in budget. ...


Information Security Professional

An experienced Information Security professional with extensive industry experience, our consultant ensures data is rigorously protected by working directly with the business. Security risks are identified, assessed, mitigated and controlled in a sustainable risk management programme. ...


Data Protection Specialist

Our consultant has 35 years’ experience in the IT industry, in which time he has upskilled and embraced new challenges such GDPR, cyber security and data breach management. As cyberattacks escalated and date protection became more of challenge, he made sure he was qualified to provide protection that is as sophisticated as the threats. ...


GDPR Specialist

With decades of IT experience spanning public and private sectors, and expertise that covers legacy as well as leading-edge IT, our consultant will provide complete oversight of your compliance and security status and advise on pathways to keep on top of new regulatory changes as they come down the line. ...


Climate Risk Management Partner

The transition to net zero emissions is a huge challenge for businesses, one that our consultant is uniquely qualified to help achieve. With over 20 years’ experience in the energy sector as an engineer and company director, he has the knowledge and expertise to provide expert training, auditing, and reporting services on climate risks and opportunities for different business models. ...


CRM Architect

At a time when customer experience has become a key focus for businesses, our CRM expert provides invaluable consultancy on optimising system performance with a view to streamlining sales pipelines, improving customer service and reducing the risk of customer dissatisfaction and churn. ...


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Companies looking to fill IT positions, we've got you covered. We have a large pool of IT talent available across all aspects of ICT, and we're here to help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

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    Ergo found some great candidates and two of the team stayed with us throughout the project leading to a very successful conclusion. Just recently I wanted to augment Google Admin skills to my team and again the IT recruitment team produced some great candidates, and we are successfully working with them. I have also used their resources for a range of tasks including conducting equipment, security and system assessments. I have always found that ergo do what they say on the tin.

    Stephen McCormack VP Information Technology at G-P


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