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Permanent Recruitment

Build a Strong, Stable, and Successful Team with Our Tailored Permanent Recruitment Solutions

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Accelerate your workforce

IT skills shortages have made it hard for companies to fill permanent tech roles, which is why Ergo IT Resourcing invests so much time in nurturing candidates and understanding what they want from their careers. By the time we introduce them to possible employers, we will have established common ground on everything from what the job involves and salary to future career prospects and professional development opportunities.

  • Business Analysis
  • Data Analysis 
  • Project Management 
  • Software Development 
  • Infrastructure & Networks 
  • Cyber Security 
  • Cloud 
  • IT Management 
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What makes us different

Ergo IT Resourcing are proud to be part of Ergo Group, Ireland’s leading cloud and IT managed services provider, who excels in matching technology to business needs. Where- ever you are on your business transformation journey, Ergo has the technology, skills and expertise to make you a market leader. A decade ago, we founded Ergo's IT Resourcing to revolutionise recruitment in the tech sector. Our goal was to make talent acquisition cost-effective, hassle-free, and efficient. Our focus remains on streamlining recruitment processes and making it easier for businesses to find the right talent. We are highly skilled and experienced team dedicated to IT, and that’s what makes Ergo IT Resourcing team unique.

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Business Analysis

Success in organisations comes from bridging the gap between business and technology, that’s why the role of Business Analysts is so highly valued. They bring razor sharp analysis to business strategy and inform technology investment decisions.

Data Analytics

Leveraging the latest technology and using our own expertise, we provide skilled resources that bring business transforming change to companies using data analytics, business intelligence and real-time reporting.

Project Management

Backed by Ergo’s award-winning Project Management Office, we have a vast pool of expertise in this area, talent that can stand over every type of business, infrastructure and IT project as well as major transformation programmes.

Software Development

Technically assessed by own application development team, we have the talent to procure, design, integrate and deploy best-in-class software solutions, using every type of development approach, from Agile and Scrum to DevOps and Lean.

Infrastructure & Networks

Drawing on a deep pool of expertise that goes back a decade, Ergo can provide some of the most sought-after network skills in Ireland, full-time or on contract, with wide ranging specialisms that include VMware, Citrix, HP, Microsoft and Cisco.

Cyber Security

Don't let the shortage of skilled professionals, competition for talent, and rapidly evolving threat landscape hold you back from hiring the best cyber security professionals. At Ergo, we have the expertise and network to help you overcome these challenges.

Our process

Ergo is the largest privately-owned IT services company in Ireland, headquartered in Dublin, with offices in Cork and Limerick as well as the UK and US.

We have the skills to survive and adapt. We are confident in our ability to serve our customers - whatever the challenge.


    Identifying client needs

    Forging long-term relationships with IT professionals has been the secret of Ergo’s success as an IT services provider for nearly three decades, and it’s something we help clients do as a recruiter as they look to fill permanent positions.


    Sourcing talent

    Competition for fixed roles can be tougher because they offer stability and benefits, which is why our talent pool is so invaluable, a curated database of IT professionals where we know exactly what they want from a full-time position.


    Interviewing candidates

    As well as looking for the technical skills and experience that are essential for the candidates, the need for a cultural fit is more important for a permanent position, and career expectations that need to align with what the company can offer.


    Screening candidates

    As well as assessing and verifying skills through interviews and tests, our candidates will have been through a vetting process involving backgroud checks on employment history, education and professional certifications.


    Signing terms

    Negotiating permanent positions draws on all of our experience in the tech sectors, not just knowing precisely what the job involves, but in setting expectations on both sides around salary, bonuses, health insurance and other benefits.


    Ongoing evaluation

    Our priority is to forge long-term relationships and we track placements, even for permanent positions, because our measure for success is both parties being happy with an appointment far into the future.

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If you're a hiring manager struggling to find qualified cloud engineers, let us help! We specialise in identifying top talent to fill IT roles. Our team of experts can provide customised solutions to help you find the right candidates and provide support as they integrate into your team.

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  • Trusted by leading organisations

    Stability. Knowledge retention. Compliance. Company culture - We help organisations to build a stable team of professionals who are committed to the long-term success of the company.

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    Ergo have been helping with the design and delivery of Failte Ireland's digital strategy as a key software partner in the development and support of Fáilte’s Tourist Content System (TCS). Ergo placed key CRM Architect Consultant on various stages of this project, from initial scoping to full project implementation.

    Eoin Mac Donncha Head of IT at Failte Ireland

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