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Benefits of Hiring IT Contractors

Date: Wednesday 31 January 2024
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Benefits of Hiring IT Contractors

To cope with skills shortages and access a broader range of talent, many organisations have adopted a strategy of hiring and onboarding IT contract workers. This can often simplify and expedite the recruitment process. The IT field is constantly changing and progressing, and so is the IT recruitment landscape. Therefore, companies are exploring different recruitment solutions. For example, building workforces with a mix of fulltime employees and contract workers.  

In this blog, we explore the advantages of hiring IT contractors for your business. What it involves and why should you consider it. 

IT contractors offer many advantages for companies that need specific skills and flexibility. Some of the benefits are: 

1. Flexibility: Contractors can work on fixed projects or for a limited duration. This allows companies to hire them only when they need their niche skillset, instead of committing to a permanent position. 

2. Scalability: Contractors enable companies to adjust their operations according to their goals and budget. Companies can easily scale up or down their workforce by hiring or releasing contractors as needed. 

3. Time: Contractors can save companies time, as they can be hired and onboarded faster than permanent employees. Contractors can also deliver results sooner, as they are usually experienced and proficient in their field. 

4. Less Risk: Contractors can reduce the risk of hiring a full-time employee who is not a good fit for the role or the team. Contractors can give the company the opportunity to review their performance on a case-by-case or project basis. 

5. Niche skill sets: Contractors can provide companies with access to niche specialists who have the expertise and knowledge that are required for a specific project. Companies can benefit from their skills without having to hire them permanently.  

6. Lower Headcount: Contractors can also lower the headcount of a business, as they are usually considered as a procurement resource rather than a permanent hire by the HR department. This can lower the cost of payroll, benefits, and taxes for the company. 

Why you should consider hiring IT Contractors? 

Companies can often feel the positive impact very quickly with hiring contractors, as most contractors are used to having to pick things up quickly in a new project. This is can sometimes be without training from the company, as usually the contractor is considered to be specialist, and very experienced in their area of chosen expertise.  Also, using contractors can reduce the administrative efforts for a company. As it becomes the responsibility of the agency supplying the contractor to look after the payroll and other related administrative tasks for the contractor. This is usually done on the companies’ behalf for the agreed service fee by the chosen agency.  

Hiring IT contractors can give companies more flexibility and assurance in terms of budgets. For example, at the beginning of a fiscal year, companies can make the decision to hire & should the year not pan out as planned they have the room to downsize or alternatively if the year goes better than expected they can renew their contractors and hire more if required, giving greater flexibility.  

Also, using IT contractors can be a way to access specialised skills. As many specialised skills may only be required for a particular project for a fixed amount of time and are not required on a permanent basis. This can reduce risk and achieve cost savings.  

Sometimes companies can hire contractors and can be very impressed by their work ethic and the results of their input to the project or team and at the end of the contract may even request or give the opportunity for the contractor to become a permanent full-time employee. So, taking on a contractor can give a company the opportunity to see how the contractor works without making the commitment to taking them on full time and having to undergo the full onboarding process, if things don’t work out, thus saving time & money.  

If you need IT solutions, Ergo can help you find the right people for the job. We can match you with qualified IT professionals, either as permanent or contract hires. We have over ten years of contract recruitment expertise in the IT field. Our areas of expertise are Business Analysis, Project Management, Software Development, Infrastructure & Networks, Cyber Security, Management, Cloud & Data Analysis. 


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