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Remote Interview Tips

Date: Tuesday 11 April 2023
Career Advice 5 min read
Remote Interview Tips

Remote Interviews – Opportunities and Challenges for the Candidate

Over the past few years working from home has increased significantly, a survey from the CSO has shown that 65% of the workforce now work from home. With Minister for Enterprise Roderic O’Gorman bringing a new right to request remote working arrangements for all workers and a right for parents and carers to seek flexible working into operation, remote or hybrid working arrangements are here to stay. 

Remote or hybrid work policies have many advantages for employees such as a better work-life balance, less commuting times and increased productivity. Many companies like Ergo are increasingly adopting flexible working models (explore some of our current job openings). For employers, implementing a hybrid or remote work strategy can lead to significant savings in office space and operational expenses, as well as access to a wider talent pool as companies can recruit from a larger geographical range. 

Because of these factors, we have seen an increase in remote interviews, which can undoubtedly bring its' own set of benefits. Remote interviews can help performance as you are in a comfortable environment. People don’t have to go through those last-minute difficulties of trying to find an office in a location or having unforeseen transport delays or traffic jams.

On a recent conference with my colleagues, the point was raised by a number of contributors  that it is important to acknowledge that while remote or video interviews can be a benefit to many, to others they could be a disadvantage especially those from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. If a person feels that their visual background on a remote interview is of a disadvantage or they feel they can’t get a quite environment to conduct the interview. I would advise someone in this difficult situation to make the recruiter or HR person aware and they will happily accommodate you for the interview with an alternative, so that you have the best opportunity to perform.

While Remote interview offer benefits, however like any Interview they also present challenges.

As with any interview it is always good to prepare as best as possible.

Video Interview Tips Ergo recommend:

1. Do a Dummy Run

Test your Picture to make sure your background is correct and check your sound. Check the height of your desk. Test the meeting platform that you are using and make sure it works. Test you voice tone and background lighting. Check your picture and make any adjustments. Ensure the screen can gets the whole of your face and background

Not Everything is Different!

Many of the preparations will be like a traditional interview. Know the job specification, read over it and write down 5 bullet points of your present and previous experiences that  matches up to the role. Also, write 5 bullet points of why you are interested in the role and why you want it. Have a list of 3 questions that you would like to ask. Research your employer and write down 4 relevant bullet points. Read over your CV and be able to expand on the points

2. Use a Virtual Background

I would recommend you use a professional looking virtual background. A bookcase is also Ideal. Try and make your background as professional looking as possible if you are not sure please feel free to ask your recruiter. Always make sure you don’t have something that might distract & avoid all posters.

3. Dress 

Like many IT companies Ergo have Smart Casual Dress, However, I would advise people to dress professionally as they would in a traditional Face to Face interview .Nobody is going to ask you to do it but there is also the possibility that another candidate who you are competing against will and you might lose out.

4. Body Language

Smile and check your posture when preparing. Use your hands as little as possible. Benefits of remote interviews are that you can keep your CV by your side however it is very important that you don’t read off it in a robotic fashion. But glance at it occasionally. It is very important that you keep eye contact. You can cover this in your Dummy run (above).

5. Hours

A benefit of remote working is that candidates can interview in other European countries. Make sure you aren’t late or early because of a time zone difference.

As we navigate the evolving landscape of the workforce, remote interviews have emerged as a vital component in the recruitment process. The shift towards remote and hybrid work policies, as highlighted in the above article are here to stay. Companies like Ergo are leading the way, offering flexible working models that benefit both employees and employers alike.
For further insights on acing your job application, we invite you to explore our comprehensive blog on how to create a strong Contractor CV.  Discover how to craft a standout CV that lands you your next contractor role!

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